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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Zimmerman

certified health coach

Hi! I’m Steph

Certified Health Coach, Wife, and Mom of three. I teach busy working moms how to bring wholesome meals back to the dinner table. I believe in this fast-paced lifestyle most of lead, it is possible to reach our health goals naturally with delicious fresh food the way they were intended to be eaten.

Most days my life is chaotic, chasing kids, dogs, running a business…my life is REAL just like yours. Sustainable health is not about short-lived extreme diets or recipes with ingredients you can’t easily find. R3 Wellness is about helping you reach your goals with your life in mind.

My approach to wellness is simple. Lasting change takes time. Time to change unhealthy behaviors. Time to listen to our body. Time to understand how the food we eat impacts our body, mind, and soul. This approach is the foundation of R3 Wellness. No fancy diets or exercise plans. No crazy food or recipes you can’t pronounce or find in the grocery store. R3 Wellness helps you work towards the best version of you in a natural, healthy, and REAL way.

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